Wild Cherry Sour

a twist on the classic amaretto sour

80ml wild cherry liqueur
25ml lemon juice
2 dashes angostura bitters
1 egg white

Shake without ice (dry shake – to produce foam) then add ice and shake again – strain into ice filled rocks glass

Cherry Matcha Spritz

a refreshingly zesty drink

30ml wild cherry liqueur
20ml gin
10ml matcha syrup *
7.5ml lemon juice
top soda

Build ingredients in ice filled glass – then top with soda – garnish with lemon or lime

* make a 1:1 matcha tea sugar syrup and leave to cool

Cherry Cream Slippers

a layered shot, but perfect for sipping

20 ml crème de cacao
20 ml wild cherry liqueur
20 ml double cream

Layer ingredients in order by pouring gently over the back of a spoon.

Sea Fret

a complex aperitif – perfect with oysters!

20 ml gin
20 ml wild cherry liqueur
10 ml dry sherry
7.5 ml lemon juice
1 egg white*

Shake without ice (dry shake – to produce foam) then add ice and shake again – strain into glass

* a chamomile foam was used here

Garden Party Spritz

delicately balanced – perfect for summer!

25 ml wild cherry liqueur
25 ml white port
10 ml strawberry shrub *
top tonic or soda

Build ingredients in a highball over ice.

* Strawberry Shrub: chop a handful of strawberries and cover with sugar for 30 mins. Add an equal amount of vinegar (cider or white wine best) and leave for at least an hour. Will keep for weeks.

Whortleberry Margarita

a fruitier take on the classic

45 ml tequila
45 ml whortleberry liqueur
25 ml lime juice
7.5 ml agave nectar

Shake ingredients with ice and serve straight up

Whortleberry Old Fashioned

add a little zest to your old fashioned

60 ml scotch*
20 ml whortleberry liqueur
5 ml honey
2 dashes angostura bitters

Build ingredients in rocks glass and stir over ice.

* Use your whisk(e)y of choice – we found a lightly peated scotch really balanced out the fruit.

Whortleberry Ramos Gin Fizz

hard work but worth it!

45 ml gin
45 ml whortleberry liqueur
30 ml lemon / lime juice
25 ml cream
1s egg white
top soda

Shake all ingredients (except the soda) with ice, then strain off the ice and shake again – this one needs a good shake! Pour 2/3 of the mix into a highball simultaneously with soda water. Leave to settle for a few minutes, then top with remaining mix to get the foam to rise like a souflé.

Consider adding orange flower water as is typical for a Ramos Gin Fizz!

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