About Us

Pump House Spirits Co. was founded by Lachlan Chavasse, a former bartender, whose creations – inspired by the natural produce of Exmoor – we produce for you to enjoy.

Pump House Spirits Co. all started with our wild cherry liqueur, made using fruit foraged from cherry trees on a neighbouring farm. The distinctive flavour of our cherries lends itself to a liqueur which we believe is a unique expression of the beautiful Exmoor landscape. Following great praise from friends and family, Pump House Spirits Co. grew out of a vision to bring this liqueur to the wider public. Discover our wild cherry liqueur here.

The cycle from experimentation to final product is what defines our company – we explore fresh ideas then select and hone only the most promising recipes. We have lots of exciting products in the works and hope you will follow us on our journey to bring them to the market!

Our History

The origin of our name, Pump House, comes from an outbuilding on the property which houses a pump engine that once brought fresh water up to the house from the nearby spring. Whilst the pump itself has long been decommissioned, we draw the very same water to produce our liqueurs and handcraft them within this historic building.

old pump engine
the old pump engine
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